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Overview of Sponsors

Takara Leben

Since the establishment of Takara Leben in 1972, Takara Leben Group has accumulated expertise in development, sale and creation of property value, leasing and management as a comprehensive property developer.


PAG Group is one of the largest independent alternative investment management companies, and is based in major cities of Asia, Oceania such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Singapore, Sydney, Seoul, and in major cities in Europe such as London. Its financing capabilities are evidenced by the fact that no other fund management company, having a main base for real estate operations in Tokyo, is ranked in PERE’s global ranking.

  1. "Alternative investment management companies" refers to fund management companies that invest in different assets (real estate, securitized products, commodities, derivatives, etc.) different from so-called traditional assets such as listed stocks and bonds.

Kyoritsu Maintenance

Kyoritsu Maintenance, a Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed company, has conducted management of dormitories, budget hotels and resort hotels since 1979.

Yamada Denki

Yamada Denki is one of the largest retail-sector companies in Japan. Yamada Denki also focuses on servicing community infrastructure, including by proposing residential, renovation, housing equipment and furniture projects, which have a close relationship with home appliances, and developing new types of stores which integrates home appliance business with financial and real estate services.

Growth Strategy supported by each of our Sponsors

We capitalize on the value chain and expertise of each of our Sponsors to achieve external and internal growth based on sponsor support agreements executed with them.

Overview of Sponsor Support Agreements

Takara PAG Real Estate Advisory Ltd., is supported by sponsors on External Growth, Internal Growth and stable management based on Sponsor Support Agreements.

Contents of sponsor support Takara Leben PAG Kyoritsu Maintenance Yamada Denki
External Growth Pipeline
warehousing function      
Provision of market information on sales or development
Internal Growth Support of leasing    
Support for property management services.    
Support as a back-up operator      
Provision of advice and expertise on property
Provision of information on leasing market
Other Support of human resources    
  1. Support listed in the above table does not explicitly stipulate in Sponsor Support Agreements and includes those that support is expected to be virtually expected.
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