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Our Characteristics

Investment Highlights

1Achievement strong growth through a comprehensive real estate developer’s capabilities and a fund manager’s sourcing capabilities.

  • The Investment Corporation utilizes the development capabilities of Takara Leben Group, a comprehensive real estate developer, the sourcing power of PAG, a fund management company, and a wide range of property information and acquisition routes collected through the network of the government building.
  • The Investment Corporation utilize the rich pipeline centering on the developing property by Takara Leben Group.
  • Developer
    Takara Leben Group’s development capabilities
  • Fund Management Company
    PAG’s sourcing capabilities

2Construction of a comprehensive portfolio that takes advantage sponsors of the strengths to maximize

  • Sponsors, for each of the office, Residence, hotel, Retail and other assets, owns the expertise and know-how based on extensive experience.
  • Construct a comprehensive portfolio with regional diversification centered on core areas (Japan's four major metropolitan areas(Note2))

3Stable Management and Internal Growth Strategy supported by sponsors’ management know-how and operation

  • Utilizing a variety of operational know-how and operations force sponsor has, stable operation of the portfolio, aimed at internal growth by optimizing the profitability and operating costs.
  • Utilize know-how of sponsor companies to achieve stable property operation and value improvement.
  1. References to the “Takara Leben Group” are to an enterprise group composed of Takara Leben and its subsidiaries (including Leben Community Co., Ltd.) and affiliates.
  2. References to Japan’s “four major metropolitan areas” are to the Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka metropolitan areas.
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