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Basic Policy

  1. We plan to achieve external growth by making full use of the strengths of each of our Sponsors and steadily acquiring attractive properties. We will also pursue internal growth by leveraging our management’s expertise and asset management capabilities as well as market insights obtained from our Sponsors and our Sponsors’ ability to make improvements to properties to increase their value.
  2. In order to maintain a diversified J-REIT that investors continue to find attractive, the Investment Corporation also plans to maximize unitholder value while simultaneously creating a sustainable environment (Note 1) and contributing to local communities and society as a whole.
Basic Policy
  1. “Creating a sustainable environment” refers to contributing to a sustainable environment through the long-term environmentally conscious management of properties.
  2. “Value chain” refers to provision by Takara Leben Group of a wide range of property-related services from development and acquisitions to value-up, leasing and asset /property management. “Value-up” refers to the improvement of asset quality by means of design improvement, such as retooling deteriorating or obsolete properties, both inside and out, as well as the repairing and reconfigueing of properties and facilities.
  3. “More than 20 years of asset management experience” includes that of PAG’s predecessor, Secured Capital Japan Co., Ltd., the management of which was integrated with PAG in 2010.
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